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NCHD Doctor HSE Anaesthetics- ICU/ ITU SHO / Senior House Officer in the Munster Region Republic of Ireland

NCHD Doctor HSE Anaesthetics- ICU/ ITU SHO / Senior House Officer in the Munster Region Republic of Ireland via Workplace Doctors on a fixed term / permanent basis.

*** Role: NCHD Doctor SHO / Senior House Officer / Medical Officer (3 years + clinical experience minimum)
***Speciality: Anaesthetics- ICU/ ITU / Anaesthesia
*** IMC Registration Required (Irish Medical Council) before an offer of employment can be made or in process of obtaining.
*** Location: Republic of Ireland – Munster Region (Clare, Limerick, Tipperary, Waterford, Cork, Kerry)
***Note: Exact location details provided on application
***Start date: ASAP
***Duration: 6 to 12 months with extension (Visa & Work Permit Offered)
***Pay rate: £NEGOTIABLE (dependent on experience 40,000 to 60,000 euro’s per annum)

A fantastic new opportunity has arisen for an SHO / Senior House Officer / Medical Officer to join a prestigious hospital in the Republic of Ireland. As everyone knows Irish Teaching Hospitals and Medical Universities receive great international acclaim & recognition throughout the world- doctors with experience and training in Ireland typically enjoy great success in terms of professional career development & job satisfaction.


The hospital offers an excellent salary with pay enhancements for any overtime, shift and out of hours work that you do- average 39 hours per week plus overtime opportunities as and when required.

As a SHO (Senior House Officer) you will be working closely with other junior doctors and a team of registrar’s doctors and Consultants within your department. You must maintain liaison with colleagues who are on duty immediately before and after you to ensure adequate communication and continuity of patient care.  You will instruct the nursing staff in the care of patients, also the professional technical staffs in the investigations Etc.; that is necessary for patient care and take care that other departments are fully acquainted with all necessary information.

You will be responsible to the Consultant (s) and Registrar(s) for ensuring that the Department is adequately covered by the juniors in the unavoidable absence from duty of your colleagues or junior colleagues.  The Senior House Officer must be dedicated to developing their career as the Consultants provide an excellent training programme as they are devoted to career progression within their medical staffing team as per your speciality.

Clinical Duties

Junior Staff
up to 11 Residents, operating a 1:11 rota:

The posts are allocated to a mixture of SHO, Core Medical Trainees on rotations, as well as standalone SHO posts. The unit is accredited for training in Intensive Care Medicine and all residents are treated alike as trainees, in terms of teaching, assessment, and time freely given for course and exam attendance.

The hospital aim to have trainee calibre candidates passing through these posts and for them to make good preparation for rotational post applications. The only difference is that unlike the rotational posts, the standalone clinical fellow posts are not funded for course expenses and exam fees.

  • To be part of the critical care team, based primarily in AICU but also contributing to the HDU team.
  • To participate in medical audit.
  • To participate in the education and supervision of medical trainees and other staff.


This post is suitable for those pursuing a career in intensive care, respiratory medicine, cardiology or cardiothoracic surgery and/or any acute specialty including acute medicine, emergency medicine, ACCS or anaesthesia.

The intensive care unit has over 800 level 3 admissions per annum and has 20 level 3 beds. The case-mix is mainly level 3 admissions following adult cardiac surgery, cardiology (including GUCH), and thoracic surgery or those requiring Extracorporeal Life Support due to severe respiratory failure or cardiogenic shock.

The post-holder will also work some daytime shifts (1:11) in the 16 bedded adult HDU at the hospital under the direct supervision of the AHDU consultant.  Here the case mix includes postoperative cardiac (including GUCH and vascular), thoracic surgery and acutely unwell cardiology admissions including local STEMI admissions.

SHO would be expected to acquire the critical care competencies as described in the Faculty of Intensive Care Curriculum at basic level, that is within stage 1.  The objective of this post is to provide the junior clinical fellow with knowledge and clinical experience in delivering a broad spectrum of critical care including:

  • Recognition and management of single and multiple organ failure following cardiovascular intervention.
  • Basic techniques in respiratory support including invasive and non-invasive ventilation, protective lung strategies and management ALI/ARDS, and respiratory weaning.
  • Basics of extracorporeal life support (VV and VA ECMO).
  • Essentials of renal failure and basic management of renal replacement therapy.
  • Recognition and management of sepsis and appropriate antimicrobial therapy.
  • Haemodynamic monitoring including pulmonary artery flotation catheters and noninvasive cardiac output monitoring.
  • Intra-aortic counter-pulsation therapy and temporary pacing.
  • Postoperative and peri-operative management of complex cardiothoracic surgical patients.
  • General management of critically ill patients (analgesia, sedation, nutrition, EOLC etc).
  • Contribution to a clinical or basic science research project during their appointment.
  • Contribution to an audit project/Quality Improvement Project.

Standard Duties and Responsibilities

a) The NCHD’s standard duties and responsibilities include, as directed by the Consultant / Clinical Director / Employer to, inter alia:

i) participate as a member of a multi-disciplinary team in the provision of medical care to patients;
ii) diagnose and treat patients;
iii) ensure that duties and functions are undertaken in a manner that prioritises the safety and well being of patients;
iv) assess patients on admission and/or discharge as required and write detailed reports in the case notes;
v) order and interpret diagnostic tests;
vi) initiate and monitor treatment;
vii) communicate effectively with patients and clients;
viii) further progress knowledge of diagnosis and management; ix) participate in multidisciplinary clinical audit and proactive risk management and facilitate production of all data/information for same; x) co-operate with such arrangements as are put into place to verify the delivery of all contractual commitments;
xi) co-operate with such measures as are necessary to ensure compliance with the requirements of the European Working Time Directive and related Irish legislation;
xii) co-operate with investigations, enquiries or audit relating to the provision of health services; xiii) comply with statutory and regulatory requirements, agreed training principles3 where appropriate, corporate policies and procedures and human resource policies and procedures (e.g. Dignity at Work, Trust in Care, Flexible Working Scheme etc.);
xiv) attend at NCHD Induction. Induction training before the commencement of the employment relationship is not paid, while induction training during the currency of the employment relationship is paid;
xv) perform other duties as required by the supervising Consultant / Clinical Director / Employer.

b) Additional duties and responsibilities related to this post may be set out in the job description as issued by the Employer.

c) The NCHD is entitled during his/her employment to regular review of his/her performance – including MET/Research performance – by and together with the designated supervisory Consultant/ Clinical Director / Head of Academic Department.

d) When carrying out these duties, the NCHD shall abide by the Irish Medical Council ‘Guide to Ethical Conduct and Behaviour’ (copy available directly from the Medical Council or at medicalcouncil.ie)

Medical Education and Training

a) For the purposes of NCHD education, training and the maintenance of NCHDs professional competence, the employer shall, in line with the requirements of the Medical Practitioners Act 2007, facilitate as appropriate the training / competence assurance requirements of NCHD posts.

b) For the purposes of education, training and the maintenance of professional competence, the NCHD shall, in line with the requirements of the Medical Practitioners Act 2007:
i) participate in and satisfy the requirements of any programme of Intern training (s)he is registered on as defined by the Medical Council of Ireland; or
ii) participate in and satisfy the requirements of any programme of specialist training (s)he is registered on as defined by the relevant postgraduate medical training body recognised by the Medical Council of Ireland; or
iii) participate in and satisfy the requirements of any competence assurance programme (s)he is registered on as defined and delivered by the Medical Council of Ireland and/or a postgraduate medical training body recognised by the Medical Council of Ireland for that purpose.

c) The NCHD may, subject to the agreement of the Employer, make an explicit structured and scheduled commitment to educational activities in line with the educational and training requirements described at b) above. This will include paid non-clinical training days (or part of as appropriate)4 as required by the relevant programme of specialist training / competence assurance. Such structured and scheduled commitment and responsibility and accountability for same will be agreed in advance by the Employer with the relevant Training Body or University, will be consistent with the agreed training principles for postgraduate medical education and training5 and shall be incorporated into rosters

Workplace Doctors are looking for medical professionals with UK & Overseas experience: that possess the following qualities:

*** Ability to cope with a varying work load
*** IMC Registration Essential (Irish Medical Council) – We can provide guidance if needed just email us OR follow link below
*** IELTS (English Language, overall score 7.0 OR OET Exam overall Grade B
*** Ability to act as part of a team

Doctors Guide to working in the Republic of Ireland – Click Here

You are able to also apply online (see below) We look forward to helping you progress your career and find you the ideal position.

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