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Workplace Doctors – providing locum & permanent doctors, nurses, ahp / hss and occupational health services.

We established ourselves through understanding the hardships & budgets faced by clients of both the public and private sector across the UK, Republic of Ireland, Saudi Arabia, UAE & Australia.

Our clients often discussed maintaining their business service standards with rising costs involved in employing the right locum & permanent staff. Along with our candidates not being able to find the perfect role that helped the progress in their careers.

Whether your organisation is an SME, HSE or NHS Trust to  a FTSE company,  doctor or overseas medical professional or anything in-between, we are committed to taking your recruitment or career to the next level.

We take pride in providing a premier level service to both our clients and candidates. This is maintained through our commitment to understand both the individual’s needs and the evolving nature of medical staff provision – delivery with honesty & transparency.

We know that your investment in medical professionals is critical to the success of your establishment. Getting your recruitment wrong is often a very expensive exercise.

This is why Workplace Doctors is committed to finding you the right candidate quickly, saving you valuable time and money.

We have an enviable reputation for providing high quality locum, temporary and permanent doctors, occupational health professionals in large volumes. We are the amongst one of the respected providers of  doctors to the NHS, our divisions provide outsourced healthcare services to the police and prisons, occupational health and screening services, and home care direct to clients and on behalf of local authorities.

We work alongside our clients, developing open relationships, aligning our operations with their financial and clinical needs, and transferring our skills and knowledge. This means that we can support internal change programmes and initiatives, giving clients the flexibility, control and feedback that are at the core of successful and sustainable transformation.

Why not drop us an email or give us a call outlining your objectives for any requirements you may have immediately or in the future, feel free to visit our website for a full range of services we can offer.

View how our clients & candidates perceive our services below.

Clients & Candidates – their views about us!

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